Keith L. Mortensen
San Jose, CA -

Professional software engineer with 30 years experience in the computer software industry. A reliable and hardworking, customer-focused software engineer with significant experience in the software industry. Major strengths include software development, object-oriented programming, quality assurance, software automation, technical writing, training and supervising others. A creative, achievement-oriented person who learns quickly and produces quality work.



Apple Inc., Cupertino, CA - 2006 to present

World Wide Developer Relations - OS X and iOS
Consulted on design and implementation of broad array of third-party shrink-wrap and corporate software projects. Wrote and reviewed technical documentation, development tools, and sample code. Advocated developer interests to product decision teams. Responsibilities included developer technical support providing support, troubleshooting, consulting, sample code, documentation for the OS X and the iOS. Among the first involved in the production and support of the iOS SDK involving early consultation to developers, writing sample code, reporting bugs, providing feedback, and directly supporting 3rd party developers. Other responsibilities include responding to paid "incidents" submitted to Apple, writing/debugging Carbon/C/C++ & Cocoa/Objective-C code to support 3rd party developers trying to solve the "hard" programming problems they have when developing software for the Macintosh and iPhone/iPad. Other critical responsibilities include designing and organizing content for Apple's World Wide Developers Conference.

Molecular Devices Inc, Sunnyvale, CA - 2003-2006

Senior member of the software engineering team developing the industry standard SoftMax Pro, a controller program for Molecular Devices' bioanalytical measurement systems which include spectrophotometers, absorbance, luminescence, and fluorescence microplate readers. Apple Computer Inc, Cupertino, CA - 1989 to 2003

Sherlock Engineer - Sherlock Channel Developer, Internet Technologies Group 2003
Member of the engineering team developing Sherlock for Mac OS X - a technology dramatically better than web browsers at retrieving and displaying some of the most practical and useful information available on the internet. Mac OS X Operating Systems Engineer - Finder Desktop - 2001 to 2003
Applications engineer - Mac OS Finder Desktop for Mac OS X. Operating Systems Engineer, User Experience Engineering - 1997 to 2001
Co-developer of Navigation Services, an improved Mac OS toolbox user interface for opening and saving documents. Operating Systems Engineer, Human Interface Products Center - 1996 to 1997
Software engineer responsible for developing the Appearance Manager and "themes" for the Mac OS. Senior Quality Lead and Tools Engineer, Human Interface Technologies - 1993 to 1996
Test lead engineer supervising and executing quality plans for Apple's future pre-released Mac OS components. Responsibilities included risk analysis, test planning, test execution and assisting project engineers in code design. Quality Lead Engineer, Macintosh Look & Feel Division - 1992 to 1993
Test lead engineer for Apple's human interface projects: Finder, Mac Easy Open, PC Exchange, and Drag Manager. Network Quality Engineer, Networking and Communications - 1989 to 1992
Developed and facilitated test suites, low level test tools and Virtual User automation scripts for highly successful networking products: AppleTalk protocol stack, EtherTalk, TokenTalk, MacTCP and Apple Internet Router. Corporate Database Developer - Information Systems and Technology - 1987
Designer - developer of a database management system for the company's corporate telephone information system. Responsible for the design, code and implementation of this relational database using Omnis 5. Devised a training plan for the users of this system to over 20 employees.

Creative Services, San Jose, CA
Owner, Software Engineer, Designer - 1995 to Present
Part time personal start-up company providing computer consulting, network services, Internet, programming and graphic design services for large and small businesses. Created highly successful internet websites for companies, resulting in increased exposure and business sales.