Website Design and Services

Services Description Pricing
Basic HTML Services Basic needs for creating web pages; for publishing/reformatting information into HTML format, graphics supplied by client. $30/hour
Home Page Includes logo, colored background, E-Mail link, and phone number (optional) with two graphics and text (equiv. to screen width and 8 inches). Anchor links used as needed. Basically used when you only want one page. $100
Additional Pages Includes: Smaller version of logo from home page, all buttons at bottom of page to link to other pages, colored background, 2 graphics and text equivalent to screen width plus 10 inches (12 point), and e-mail link from each page, if desired. $50/Page
Text Only Pages Text provided by you on disk, in text only format, with a hardcopy (print out). Up to 10 links per page included. Additional links and any graphics, are charged in addition. Your logo and light colored or white background color are included. $75/Page
Large quantities:
call for quote.
Home Pages with Imagemaps Those one-piece graphics used on the Homepage which allow you to click items in the graphic and link over to other pages. Starting at
Page Maintenance Changes, deletions, additions, etc. as required. $0-20/hour
Special Graphics and Backgrounds Special graphics and backgrounds (such as logos, 3D, special effects, etc.) are available. $50/hour

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